Loans Made Easy

We have experience in helping to bring about the mortgage process in a pleasant, easy and professional manner.
With very few exceptions, almost anyone is eligible for a home loan. Different loan criteria make sense for different clients.

There is a vast difference in mortgages for even for the best loan applicants.

By working with a variety of lenders, realestatepro can help you select the best loan program for your special needs. We are willing to go a couple of steps further. We will help you through the approval process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will monitor the process for you. We are willing to take extra time so you won't have to. We will hand deliver documents, and make sure that your approval receives priority- whatever it takes...

Loan Qualification.

Who is qualifying whom for what? Yes, it is a "free" service, but...

The pre-qualification technique tells the selling agent your income and employment history. Their sales associate also knows your general credit history. This is very useful information, but to whom is it useful?  In the real world, this technique qualifies you for nothing. It just means that, all things being equal, you should be able to get a loan for a certain amount.

Advance Loan Approval

Money Talks!

The professionals at realestatepro have the actual loan approval for each client in advance of the property selection process. The result? The home builder or sales agent essentially sees a "cash" offer. To the seller, this represents an easier, quicker, transaction. There is no waiting for loan approval. In the real world, buyers (sometimes those "qualified" by home builders or agents) don't always get the loan approval that they are seeking. 

realestatepro professionals want to ensure that all of your last minute surprises are pleasant ones.